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As an introduction to “ Supervisor’s Corner “ I would like to say that one of my goals as Town Supervisor is to find a cost effective way to share information with all of our town residents. The Town Board had a goal setting discussion and we prioritized several issues that we felt were important and attainable this year. We identified different ways to communicate and I want to try this first, with other possibilities still to come later.

     One of the issues that I am asked about the most is our ongoing building project efforts as they pertain to the Highway Garage. The existing Highway Garage has been flagged by the N Y Department of Labor (DOL) because of structural issues that present an unacceptable workplace for our crew. These issues were flagged at least 4 or 5 years ago, and we have been getting periodic abatements from DOL which allow us to continue using the present structure as long as we are trying to remedy the situation. The Town has purchased two separate parcels at Copes Corners including what used to be the former Roto-Rooter facility. There is approximately 20 acres with both parcels combined and the Town basically now owns all the property from that building to the GMU school. There is plenty of land at that location to do what we need now and into the future, including the possibility of mining some of our own gravel and sand right at the site for use on our roads.

      After much research, we went through the time consuming and costly process of designing a completely new facility for our Highway Garage at that new site. We applied and were approved for USDA funding for that project for about one million dollars. The project was put out to bid and early this year the bids came in at approximately 1.2 million dollars. The Town Board decided that cost was too high and asked the engineering firm to revise the building plans and reduce the size of the building and get it ready to re-bid immediately. Within 6 weeks we were out to bid again and were surprised to see the cost of the smaller building actually higher than the original building. The two main goals that the Board is trying to accomplish here are (1)- to satisfy our needs for a safe and efficient Highway Garage and (2)- to watch costs very closely to protect residents and taxpayers from large increases in taxes. After much discussion, the Town Board decided to reject ALL bids for the second project as well.

      The Board decided to look into the idea of re-purposing the current (red) building at the Copes Corners site and asked our engineering firm to determine the feasibility of this idea. Collectively we determined that renovating and adding some extra space to the current (red) building could work for the Highway Garage. There will be some compromises in the process, but all things considered, it will work well to meet our needs. Cost estimates are approximately half of what the new buildings costs were. Throughout this summer we had workers completely dismantle portions of the red building to prepare for renovating the current space and adding new space as well. The engineers presented the Board with plans for the new “ RED BUILDING “project at our August 22 meeting. Most things seemed in order and we asked for some minor changes to be made. The project is now out for bids and the Board should have them back to open and review within several weeks.     As a Board we are interested in your concerns and ideas. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through email –  or give me a call at 607-783-4TOB (4862) option 1

                                                        Bruce Giuda Town Supervisor


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