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PB Minutes - November 8, 2022
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PLEASE NOTE:  THere are two vacancies on the TOwn of Butternuts Planning Board starting 01/01/2023.  Interested parties should send a letter (or e-mail) to the Town Clerk.


The Town of Butternuts has begun the process of updating our Town Comprehensive Plan, as the existing Plan is nearly 10 years old. A comprehensive plan presents a vision of the future of the Town and proposes actions that can be taken to achieve that vision. It helps our local governments and community institutions work together in their decision making.
A first step is to gather information from Town and Village residents and businesses through a survey. You may have received one in the mail, and we encourage you to complete and return it. If you did not receive one, you can pick up a copy from the Town Clerk (Tuesday 9am-noon, Thursday 1-4pm, Saturday 9am-noon) or the Village of Gilbertsville Clerk (Tuesday 9am-1pm, Thursday 3:30-6:30pm)

TOWN TAX ASSESSOR............................................................ Matthew Lippitt

Phone/Fax Number...................................................................... 607-783-2739



Office Hours:

Thursday 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM



The Town of Butternuts Planning Board is responsible for ensuring that actions by property owners conform to our land use laws and are in keeping with the goals of the Town Comprehensive Plan. The town has enacted Subdivision and Site Plan laws. The first addresses how an owner may divide their property into two or more parcels. The second sets standards for how structures are placed upon a site. Note that the Otsego County Code Enforcement Office will not issue a building permit unless the applicant presents a site plan application that has been approved by the Planning Board. You may not begin construction without a building permit. Application forms are available below on this webpage.


Applications may require a Short Environmental Assessment Form under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR). The applicant must complete Part 1 of the form, which is also available below on this webpage.


Notarized applications must be delivered to the Town Clerk at least 10 days prior to a Planning Board meeting. The applicant or their designated representative must be present at the Planning Board meeting. The Planning Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Butternuts Town Hall, which is located at 1234 State Highway 51, Gilbertsville, NY 13776.


The Planning Board consists of seven members that are appointed by the Town Board on a rotating basis, who are as follows:


Keith Klingman - Chairman



Steve Gayle - Deputy Chairman


Barbara Lilley - Secretary


Patti Hammond - Deputy Secretary


Christine Eromenok


Doris Moennich


Are you considering installing a solar electric system at your home? Here is something you must know.

The Town of Butternuts Local Law No. 1 of 2021, “Renewable Energy Systems Local Law” defines in Article 3§1 a Non-Commercial Solar Energy Production Facility (SEPF) as “a site shall be considered non-commercial if the production capacity of the proposed facility is no more than 110% of electricity consumption for existing principal uses determined by submission of utility bills showing electric usage over the previous twelve-month period”. Article 3§2(A) states “A non-commercial SEPF may be constructed pursuant to a NYS unified solar permit only and without the necessity of special permits, so long as the SEPF meets the criteria set forth in this Article”.

The Town Board has approved the Unified Residential Solar PV Permit application (on the left). For any non-commercial solar electric project, both this application and a Site Plan application must be submitted for action by the Planning Board. These must be approved prior to applying for a building permit from Otsego County Code Enforcement.

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Please see below for the Site Review Application:

Application for Site Plan Review
site plan review.jpeg
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Please see below for the Checklist for Site Plan Review Application:

Checklist for Site Plan Review Application (2022.03.30)
Checklist for Site Plan Review Applicati[...]
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Please see below for the Subdivision Packet (without SEQR) Form:

Please see below for the Site Plan Regulations:

Site Plan Law (2020)
Site Plan Law (2020).pdf
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Please see below for the Subdivision Regulations:

Please see below for the Part 1 - SEQR (Short Environmental Assessment) Form:

Subdivision Regulations
Subdivision Regulations_As amended_2022.[...]
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Subdivision Packet
Subdivision packet updated September_202[...]
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Part 1 - SEQR (Short Environmental Assessment) Form (2021.06.12)
Part 1 - SEQR (Short Environmental Asses[...]
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